Welcome to Post Exodus . com Mark III

Welcome to Post Exodus. This is the home of Anthias Games on the net, via the ongoing project – Post Exodus, Abandoned World. An MMORPG in long term development using the Realm Crafter Engine, Post Exodus is set to have development resumed in the second half of 2012.

Fast forward to January 1, 2015: With the apparent demise of the Realm Crafter site (and thus the ability to install the package due to the online registration requirement), things are in limbo, however watch this space. The intention is to find a way to resume development, though it will remain at a snail’s pace.

A handful of smaller, spin off Post Exodus games are also in the planning phase.

This is the third website to carry Post Exodus, and is set to be at the same time the most complex, and the simplest to use. We have separated the forums from the main site, which in the previous incarnation was identified as something that detracted from the purpose of the site by making it look too much like “just another bulletin board” and causing visitors to miss much of the content on offer. At this time we have yet to place the content on here, but please come back soon as this is a site under construction and much will change.

The Anthias Games Team.