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A slight distraction

Hi guys! yes I know its been about six months. Yes I am aware that is a very long time in game development. Yes I know this looks like a stagnating project. I’m sorry about that. I had to chase a dream. I made that dream come true. I have now published two books and have a third in the works. I intend soon to commence a book set in the world of Post Exodus, as a method of strengthening the story that this game is built on.

If and when I have some of that book written to a publishable standard, I will post it on this site. This I believe is vital to fix the fundermental backgrounds of the game world. If I don’t do this, I have doubts about the long term viability of the project. So I am working on the fundamentals and hoping to shore up the games foundations so it will stand tall when the actual development work re-commences (probably in 2012).
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Real Life

There is not a lot to report lately – real job work and other responsibilities leave little time for work on this game recently, however there is STILL progress occurring. Glitchy building models have all been repaired, and some fairly major improvements to the architecture of the redeemers temples at the redeemers main temple in the wastelands, the small chapels in the PVE and PVP zones, and the Redeemers Embassy Temple in Starfall City.

You will find a couple of pictures in the photo gallery showing some of the work done on these, but better will be forthcoming and a new video at some time soonish when a few other tidy ups are finished, that will better show the architectural style and the improved quality.

With the interesting things afoot recently within the RC development community, I will be working towards replacing any stock models that still exist – including the main character models. The benefits of source edits on the engine are undeniable, however the stock … Read more »
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Moving Forward

Well, this site is now attached to the domain. I will add more content soon, when real life allows. Its warming up here, the rain has stopped finally – happily I have not been hit by flooding in my area this time, though we were hit with minor flooding twice in the last three months after so many years of drought. My sincere best wishes go out to all those hit by the extraordinary flooding around the world this month.

As I stated in the forums, I have a plan for moving forward with development on Post Exodus, and will be pushing to get a lot done in the coming months. And I know I have said that before with varied success ROFL. Lets just hope my time is more free than less, and energy is there to complete work on the game!

Crossing fingers ok?
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Post Exodus Mark I Blog

Below are the blog posts from the previous development site. note they are in reverse order. I have separated each with ****************


dont worry – still workign Posted by Anthias on December 28, 2010 at 7:16 AM comments (0)

Yeah I know its been verrry quiet around here. Dont worry I havent abandoned this, though work has slowed with the stupidity of real life around the later portion of the year o.O I will get some stuff done in the coming weeks and post new vids. (a few zones have changed in terms of the detail being added or improved) Bare with me while I fight with real life time constraints

Filling out Followers PvE Posted by Anthias on November 7, 2010 at 7:11 AM comments (0)

currently I have been working on the zones from cragenmark to starfall, filling out the world with some of the finer details that will give this gameworld a feeling of being a living breathing earth, unlike … Read more »
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