Villainous Domination


Control the world, before somebody else does!

In this card game, you must dominate the world by infiltrating all aspects of society on each of the seven continents, to ensure your influence across society and politics is absolute. The trouble is, others are trying to do the same thing! When you find yourself trying to control the same place, players will have to fight it out to gain dominance in a shadowy world of secretive deals, and puppet strings.

This game consists of 193 cards, 2 six sided dice, and the rules document.

A note on player numbers:
While it says 2 to 4 players, you may be OK with 5. We did not play test with 5, but you are welcome to try more than four players if you like. We can not guarantee your enjoyment if you do. For couples looking for something they don’t need friends for, two players was our most tested scenario and worked a treat. You will find the more players you have, the more important the “insurgencies” game mechanic becomes. With two players, the insurgencies can be left out for a simpler game. There are multiple winning scenarios you can select, depending on how hard and how long you want the game to be. With more players, each scenario becomes longer in play time and harder to complete, as you all compete to find the cards you need to achieve your domination.