Opiate of the Masses

A card game in which you must grow your burgeoning religious movement, to gain enough followers for tax exemption! Hold events, recruit disciples, or build community services to attract the masses to your cause, all while doing your level best to sabotage the opposition.
Can your prophet lead his or her people to religious domination?
The goal of this card game is to build a following for your new religion. You will need a leader, a place of worship, and a following. In order to succeed, you must be willing to draw on all your cunning. Is another player getting strong? Convert some of their followers! Need more followers? Put your prophet on TV! Looking for some power? Subvert democracy!

Reach enough followers to get tax exemption first, and you win.

Consists of one deck of 148 cards, two six sided dice, 4 follower tracking mats, and of course the rule book.